A true, classic, pure California Zinfandel

INFIDEL is handmade from 100% Lodi Zinfandel grapes, the source of California’s best Zinfandel vines, and then produced, aged and bottled in Sonoma County.

Zinfandel is “America’s Grape”.  It was introduced to California during the Gold Rush somewhere between 1852 and 1857 and became widely planted in the state because it thrived so well in the state’s climate and soil. Today, Zinfandel is the third-leading wine grape variety in California and is grown in 45 of the state’s 58 counties.

INFIDEL was created from vines that are over 40 years old and aged in new American oak barrels.  It was decided to pick the grapes a little earlier than the known industry standard, so that it maintains a natural amount of acidity with a perfect pH.  There are absolutely no concentrates added to this wine, it is true to the natural expression of mature Zinfandel vines.


89 point rating

Ranked #3 of the most charitable wines based on sales

Varietal: 100% Zinfandel            Appellation: Lodi            pH: 3.52            TA: 6.8 g/L            RS: 3.66 g/L            Alcohol: 14.7%
Produced, aged, & bottled:
Kenwood, California (Sonoma County)